Chalkos Fine Arts Foundry

Foundry Services

Chalkos Fine Arts Foundry is home to quality services for Bronze and Aluminium metal casting. If you have a piece that you require to be casted in either Bronze or Aluminium we provide a careful and high quality process that ensures your the end result is the perfect result.

The process involved in casting Bronze or Aluminium sculptures revolves around four main steps.


The Moulding process involves the creation of a rubber mould encased in fibreglass giving an exact replica to recreate.



Casting of the piece is the next step in which a wax model is created and then covered in a ceramic shell sand that is layered over time to create a heat resistant coated replica that can hold molten metal.

After the wax is removed from the shells, molten Bronze or Aluminium is poured into the ceramic shell of the artwork.



After the piece has cooled the ceramic shell is removed and cleaning up of the piece begins. Finishing of the piece consists of grinding excess metal, fixing and welding seperated pieces and sandblasting the piece to ensure no remaining ceramic shell



After the piece has been finished and looks fantastic the patination process begins, which involves the use of chemicals and flame to provide an amazing and in some cases colourful finish the piece!